Conference of Metallurgists COM2020 - Processing of Critical Materials


Metsoc's Conference of Metallurgists COM2020 will be going virtual.  The theme of this year's conference is Emerging Technologies in Materials and Metallurgical industries.

As the name suggests, the symposium on “Processing of Critical Materials” will focus on those critical materials essential for modern energy storage systems, electric motors and generators, electronics, and lightweight, high-strength alloys.  The field is characterized by rapid development and changing requirements, and consequently the resource and processing industry that generates these materials must in turn adapt and develop quickly.  This symposium aims to address the need of the Extractive Metallurgist to learn about developing methods of improving extractive technologies.

With this theme in mind the organizers of the Processing of Critical Materials Symposium are inviting papers in the following commodities:

  • Energy storage materials: Lithium / Vanadium / Nickel / Cobalt / Graphite
  • Alloy Elements: Scandium / Niobium
  • Electronics: Gallium / Germanium / Indium
  • Rare Earth Elements: Magnets, catalysts, phosphors, and other diverse areas

The organizers are specifically interested in the following subject areas:

  • Mineral Beneficiation – Process development and operations from ore and recycled material
  • Hydrometallurgy – Process development and operations from ore, concentrates, and recycled materials.
  • Overall Project Advancements
  • Challenges in Processing Plant Engineering
  • Separation of REEs – technology, feed specifications, chemical and physical specifications of products
  • Critical Materials and the Environment
  • Recycling (batteries, electronic waste, etc)

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